Export data from elmah.io to JSON

If you want to export data from elmah.io, we support this through the Elmah.Io.Export tool. The tool is available on GitHub and should be built on an OS of your choice (the tool is implemented in .NET Core).

To export all data from a log, run the tool with the minimum number of parameters:

dotnet Elmah.Io.Export.dll -ApiKey c7e049966ddf450f8ce6aeded7b581d0 -LogId 9f01ca78-174a-4a96-9f84-a336917a9deb

Be sure to use an API key with the Messages > Read permission enabled.

The following switches are available:

Name Required Default Description
-ApiKey Your API key needed to access your subscription (where is my API key?).
-LogId The ID of the log you want to export from (where is my log ID?).
-Filename Export-{ticks}.json Name of the output file.
-DateFrom DateTime.Min Date and time in ISO8601 to export messages from.
-DateTo DateTime.Max Date and time in ISO8601 to export messages to.
-Query A lucene query to filter messages by. See Query messages using full-text search for details.
-IncludeHeaders false Indicates if the output should include headers like cookies and server variables (runs slower).

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