Clearing log messages from the CLI

The clear command is used to delete one or more messages from a log.

Be aware that clearing a log does not reset the monthly counter towards log messages included in your current plan. The clear command is intended for cleanup in non-expired log messages you no longer need.


> elmahio clear --help

  Delete one or more messages from a log

  elmahio clear [options]

  --apiKey <apiKey> (REQUIRED)  An API key with permission to execute the command
  --logId <logId> (REQUIRED)    The log ID of the log to clear messages
  --query <query> (REQUIRED)    Clear messages matching this query (use * for all messages)
  --from <from>                 Optional date and time to clear messages from
  --to <to>                     Optional date and time to clear messages to
  -?, -h, --help                Show help and usage information



elmahio clear --apiKey API_KEY --logId LOG_ID --query "statusCode:404"


elmahio clear --apiKey API_KEY --logId LOG_ID --query "statusCode:404" --from 2022-05-17 --to 2022-05-18

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