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Logging to from Vue

To log all errors from a Vue.js application, install the npm package as described in Logging from JavaScript or include it with a direct <script> include:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Before initializing the application, include the following code:

var logger = new Elmahio({
  apiKey: "API_KEY",
  logId: "LOG_ID"
Vue.config.errorHandler = function (err, vm, info) {
  logger.error(err.message, err);
Vue.config.warnHandler = function (msg, vm, trace) {
}; will automatically log all errors raised through window.onerrorand log additional errors and warnings from Vue.js through the errorHandler and warnHandler functions. If you want to exclude warnings, simply remove the warnHandler function.

Check out the Elmah.Io.JavaScript.VueJs sample for some real working code.

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