Create deployments from Azure DevOps Releases

If you are using Releases in Azure DevOps, you should use our extension to notify about new deployments. To install and configure the extension, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Deployment Tasks extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace and click Install (log in if not already). Azure DevOps extension

  2. Select the account to install the extension into and click Confirm: Azure DevOps account

  3. Go to your Azure DevOps project and edit your Release definition. Azure DevOps release definition

  4. Click Add tasks and locate the Deployment Notification task. Click Add. Add Azure DevOps task

  5. Copy an API key (Where is my API key?) with the Deployments | Write permission (How to configure API key permissions) from your organization settings page and paste it into the API Key field. In most cases, you want to input the ID of the log new deployments belong to. As default, we use the release name on Azure DevOps as the version number string on If you require a custom naming scheme, change the value in the Version field. All default and custom release variables are available through PowerShell variables. Finally, click Save. Azure DevOps task added

That's it! Azure DevOps will now notify every time the release definition is executed. Remember to input a specific log ID (Where is my log ID?) as well, if you want to support versioning different services.

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