Create deployments from Azure DevOps Releases

If you are using Releases in Azure DevOps, you should use our extension to notify about new deployments. To install and configure the extension, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Deployment Tasks extension on the Azure DevOps Marketplace and click the Get it free button:

Install the extension

  1. Select your organization and click the Install button:

Select organization

  1. Go to your Azure DevOps project and add the Deployment Notification task. Fill in all fields as shown here:

Add the task

You will need to replace API_KEY with an API key (Where is my API key?) with permission (How to configure API key permissions) to create deployments. If the deployment is specific to a single log, insert a log ID (Where is my log ID?) with the ID of the log instead of LOG_ID. Deployments without a log ID will show on all logs in the organization.

That's it! Azure DevOps will now notify every time the release pipeline is executed.

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