Install ChatGPT for

Log into and go to the log settings. Click the Apps tab. Locate the ChatGPT app and click the Install button:

Install ChatGPT App

Input your OpenAI API key (Where do I find my OpenAI API Key?). Next, select which language model to use. We currently support GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4.

As a default, will only share the stack trace of an error with ChatGPT when you click the Get suggestion button in the UI. If you want to include the source code and/or any SQL attached to the error, you can enable one or both toggles. Sharing the source will require you to bundle your source code alongside errors as documented here: How to include source code in log messages.

Click Save and the app is added to your log. When you open errors valid for ChatGPT help, you will see a tab named AI next to Detail, Inspector, etc.

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