Logging heartbeats from Coravel

Coravel supports scheduled tasks similar to Quartz and Hangfire. With elmah.io Heartbeats, monitoring if and when Coraval tasks are running is easy.

To publish heartbeats from Coravel, install the Elmah.Io.Client NuGet package:

Install-Package Elmah.Io.Client
dotnet add package Elmah.Io.Client
<PackageReference Include="Elmah.Io.Client" Version="5.*" />
paket add Elmah.Io.Client

For this example, we'll schedule a job named MyJob to execute every minute:


// ...

app.Services.UseScheduler(scheduler =>

To automatically publish a heartbeat when the job is executed, add the following code to the same file where you configure Coravel:

var elmahIoClient = ElmahioAPI.Create("API_KEY", new ElmahIoOptions
    Timeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30)

Replace API_KEY (Where is my API key?) with an API key containing permission to create heartbeats.

In the MyJob class, you can inject the IHeartbeatsClient and wrap the job code in a try/catch block:

public class MyJob : IInvocable
    private readonly IHeartbeatsClient heartbeats;

    public MyJob(IHeartbeatsClient heartbeats)
        this.heartbeats = heartbeats;

    public async Task Invoke()
        var logId = new Guid("LOG_ID");
        var heartbeatId = "HEARTBEAT_ID";
        var stopwatch = new Stopwatch();

            // Execute your job

            await heartbeats.HealthyAsync(logId, heartbeatId, took: stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);
        catch (Exception e)
            await heartbeats.UnhealthyAsync(logId, heartbeatId, e.ToString(), took: stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds);

Replace LOG_ID (Where is my log ID?) and HEARTBEAT_ID with the correct values from elmah.io.

When the job successfully runs, a Healthy heartbeat is logged to elmah.io. If an exception is thrown an Unhealthy heartbeat is logged. elmah.io will automatically create an error if a heartbeat is missing, as long as the heartbeat is correctly configured as explained in Set up Heartbeats.

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