Logging to elmah.io from Sitefinity

Sitefinity is a CMS from Telerik, implemented on top of ASP.NET. Like other content management systems build on top of ASP.NET, ELMAH is supported out of the box.

To install elmah.io in a Sitefinity website, start by opening the website in Visual Studio by selecting File | Open Web Site... and navigate to the Sitefinity projects folder (something similar to this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Sitefinity\Projects\Default).

Right-click the website and install the Elmah.Io NuGet package:

Install-Package Elmah.Io
dotnet add package Elmah.Io
<PackageReference Include="Elmah.Io" Version="5.*" />
paket add Elmah.Io

During installation, you will be prompted for your API key (Where is my API key?) and log ID (Where is my log ID?).

That's it! Uncaught errors in Sitefinity are logged to your elmah.io log. To test that the integration works, right-click the website and add a new Web Form named ELMAH.aspx. In the code-behind file add the following code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    throw new ApplicationException();

Start the website and navigate to the ELMAH.aspx page. If everything works as intended, you will see the yellow screen of death, and a new error will pop up on elmah.io.

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