Install HipChat App for

The Hipchat application was discontinued by Atlassian in 2019. We no longer support this integration either.

Generate OAuth 2 Token

To allow to log messages to HipChat, you will need to generate an OAuth 2 token. To do so, log into HipChat and go to the API Access page (like and replace elmahio with your subdomain).

OAuth Tokens Page

Input a label, click the Create button and copy the generated token.

If you want to test your configuration using the Test button on the UI, you will need to select both Send Notification and View Room in Scopes.

Install the HipChat App on

Log into and go to the log settings. Click the Apps tab. Locate the HipChat app and click the Install button:

Install HipChat App

Paste the token copied in the previous step into the Token textbox. In the Room textbox, input the name of the HipChat chat room you want messages from to show up in.

Click Save and the app is added to your log. When new errors are logged, messages start appearing in the chat room that you configured.

HipChat doesn't allow more than 500 requests per 5 minutes. If you generate more messages to, not all of them will show up in HipChat because of this.

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