CLI overview

The CLI lets you execute common tasks against

Installing the CLI

The CLI requires .NET 6 or newer installed.

The CLI can be installed in several ways. To set up everything automatically, execute the following script from the command line:

dotnet tool install --global Elmah.Io.Cli

or make sure to run on the latest version if you already have the CLI installed:

dotnet tool update --global Elmah.Io.Cli

If you prefer downloading the CLI as a zip you can download the latest version from GitHub. To clone and build the CLI manually, check out the instructions below.

Run the CLI

Run the CLI to get help:

elmahio --help

Help similar to this is outputted to the console:

  CLI for executing various actions against

  elmahio [options] [command]

  --nologo        Doesn't display the startup banner or the copyright message
  --version       Show version information
  -?, -h, --help  Show help and usage information

  clear       Delete one or more messages from a log
  dataloader  Load 50 log messages into the specified log
  deployment  Create a new deployment
  diagnose    Diagnose potential problems with an installation
  export      Export log messages from a specified log
  import      Import log messages to a specified log
  log         Log a message to the specified log
  sourcemap   Upload a source map and minified JavaScript
  tail        Tail log messages from a specified log

Cloning the CLI

Create a new folder and git clone the repository:

git clone

Building the CLI

Navigate to the root repository of the code and execute the following command:

dotnet build

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