Create deployments from Octopus Deploy

Notifying of a new deployment from Octopus Deploy, is supported through a custom step template. To install and configure the template, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the - Register Deployment step template on the Octopus Deploy Library. Octopus Deploy Library

  2. Click the Copy to clipboard button.

  3. Click Library in the header on your Octopus Deploy instance and go to the Step templates tab.

  4. Click the Import link and paste the step template copied from the Library. Then click Import. Add step template to Octopus

  5. Go to the Process tab of your project on Octopus Deploy and click the Add step button. The step template is available in the bottom of the list. Add step template to process

  6. When added to the process, select Octopus Server in Run on and input your API key found on your organization settings page. Optionally input a log ID, to support multiple services. Save notification step

And we're done. On every new deployment, Octopus Deploy will notify

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