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Logging to from ASP.NET / WebForms

This article will explain the steps necessary to log errors from your web application into We also offer more specific guides on ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and a lot of other web- and logging-frameworks. Read through this tutorial and head over to a tutorial specific for your choice of framework afterwards.

This guide is also available as a short video tutorial here: Introduction - Installation

Create a new ASP.NET Web Application in Visual Studio :

Create ASP.NET Web Application

Select a project template of your choice:

Select Project Template

Navigate to and login using username/password or your favorite social provider. When logged in, redirects you to the dashboard. If you just signed up, you will be guided through the process of creating an organization and a log.

When the log has been created, shows you the install instructions. If you are currently on the dashboard, click the gears icon on the lower right corner of the log box. Don't pay too much attention to the install steps, because the rest of this tutorial will guide you through the installation. Keep the page open in order to copy your API key and log ID at a later step:

Copy your log id

Navigate back to your web project, right click References and select Manage NuGet Packages:

Open Manage NuGet Packages

In the NuGet dialog, search for

Search for

Select the package and click Install. Input your API key and log ID in the dialog appearing during installation of the NuGet package:

Insert your log id

You're ready to rock and roll. Either add throw new Exception("Test"); somewhere or hit F5 and input a URL you know doesn't exist (like http://localhost:64987/notfound). To verify that the installation of is successful, navigate back to the dashboard and select the Search tab of your newly created log:

Error Details

Congrats! Every error on your application is now logged to

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