Install Microsoft Teams App for

To install the integration with Microsoft Teams, go to teams and click the Store menu item. Search for "" and click the app:

Search for

Select your team and click the Install button:

Add to a team

Select which channel you want messages in and click the Set up button:

Select the channel

A new webhook URL is generated. Click the Copy Text button followed by the Save button:

Copy the webhook URL

The integration is now configured on Microsoft Teams and you should see the following screen:


The final step is to input the webhook URL that you just copied, into

Log into and go to the log settings. Click the Apps tab. Locate the Microsoft Teams app and click the Install button. In the overlay, paste the URL from the previous step:

Install Microsoft Teams app

Click Save and the app is added to your log. When new errors are logged, messages start appearing in the channel that you configured.

The Office 365 API used behind the scenes for this app uses throttling rather than a maximum of allowed requests. This means that you may start experiencing messages not being sent, if you start logging a large amount of messages. We have experienced a lot of weird error codes when communicating with the API. An example of this is an exception while posting data to the API, but the data is successfully shown on Teams. The result of this error is, that retries the failing request multiple times, which causes the same message to be shown multiple times on Teams.

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