Create deployments from Bitbucket Pipelines

Pipelines use scripts, embedded in YAML files, to configure the different steps required to build and deploy software. To notify as part of a build/deployment, the first you will need to do is to add your API key as a secure environment variable. To do so, go to Settings | Workspace Settings | Workspace variables and add a new variable:

Add environment variable

Where is my API key?

Then add a new script to your build YAML-file after building and deploying your software:

    - step:
          # ...
          - curl -X POST -d "{\"version\":\"$BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER\"}" -H "Content-Type:application/json"$ELMAHIO_APIKEY

The script uses curl to invoke the Deployments endpoint with the API key ($ELMAHIO_APIKEY) and a version number ($BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER). The posted JSON can be extended to support additional properties like a changelog and the name of the person triggering the deployment. Check out the API documentation for details.

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